Technology Water and Biosolids Corporation™, a division of Centrisys Corporation, announced today that it has expanded its nutrient recovery technology portfolio by acquiring an exclusive worldwide license for CalPrex™, a calcium phosphate (brushite) recovery technology, from Nutrient Recovery & Upscaling LLC (NRU) of Madison, Wis.

The CalPrex technology investment allows CNP to gain global market share as the need for sustainable nutrient management solutions for wastewater increase. Calprex™ is a calcium phosphate recovery technology process that solubilizes sludge’s phosphorus and recovers it as brushite, a plant ready fertilizer that can be used without further processing.

“In CNP’s pursuit to develop the most advanced and cost efficient nutrient recovery options, we are very excited to announce the cooperation between NRU and CNP,” said Gerhard Forstner, CNP President. “The brushite recovery process perfectly complements CNP’s AirPrex® struvite recovery technology. When combined, CalPrex + AirPrex offers treatment plants the highest phosphorous recovery option of any nutrient management technology available today.”

The combination of CalPrex + AirPrex allows for ultimate digester and equipment protection, recovers a slow release fertilizer product which has a higher commercial value than struvite and significantly reduces biosolids disposal amounts and polymer for dewatering. CNP offers a comprehensive solution for plants currently running Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) or Thermo-Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP) to recover high side stream nitrogen or phosphorous loads.

“An informal collaboration between NRU, Centrisys and CNP started in 2013,” said Menachem Tabanpour, CNP V.P. of Business Development. “At our first pilot test, the Centrisys team partnered with NRU to dewater sludge from the acid phase digester, which many believed to be impossible at the time. We are confident that the synergy between the CNP product line and Centrisys’ expertise in solids handling will excel the application of CalPrex into the market.”


About CNP
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