So, What Happens When You Flush the Toilet?


In this industry, there is always more to learn. Parkson, a supplier of equipment and solutions for potable water, process water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications, has produced a series of four informative videos to explain the basics of wastewater treatment. These entertaining videos are geared towards both beginners and experienced industry professionals.


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Part 1: Components of Wastewater, What We Are Treating and Why



Part 2: Headworks, Screenings Dewatering and Conveyance



Part 3: Primary and Secondary Clarification, Secondary Treatment, Filtration, Phosphorus Removal, Denitrification and Disinfection



Part 4: Sludge Thickening, Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion, Sludge Dewatering, Sludge Drying


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