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MIOX Short Film: Laguna Beach County Water District

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new video featuring MIOX in reservoir management systems at Laguna Beach, CA. The beach employs a reservoir management system (RMS) holding 30+ million gallons of 100% imported, clean, chloraminated water for potable distribution and emergency firefighting efforts. It’s quite inspiring to learn about the amazing water Read More

Video Testimonial from MIOX Customer

ENHANCED RESIDUAL LOWER DISINFECTION BYPRODUCTS REDUCED OVERALL CHLORINE DEMAND MIOX has been making NSF61 approved water disinfection equipment for over twenty years. Thousands of communities are using MIOX clean water technology because Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a proven disinfectant for cost-effectively reducing disinfection byproducts and improving the quality and safety of drinking water. MIOX’s extensive experience in water Read More